Janet Tronstad - Romance Author
Janet Tronstad - Romance Author
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White Christmas in Dry CreekWhite Christmas in Dry Creek
Harlequin Love Inspired
ISBN: 0373878427
October 2013

A Holiday Hero  

Renee Gray doesn't believe in fairy tales—not even at Christmastime. But when a wounded stranger collapses on their porch, her daughter, Tessie, believes they've discovered a handsome Prince Charming. Though he has his own reasons for shutting out the world, Rusty Calhoun can't resist little Tessie's invitation to play a king in the church Christmas pageant. Renee and Rusty have both built up walls as tall as castles, but as their trust and love grow, they wonder whether real life can include a little storybook magic. 

Return to Dry Creek: A small Montana town with a heart as big as heaven



Bride for Dry Creek Shepherds AbidingA Bride for Dry Creek/Shepherds Abiding in Dry Creek
Harlequin Love Inspired Classics
ISBN: 0373651589
December 2012

Come home for the holidays with Janet Tronstad

A Bride for Dry Creek

Undercover agent Flint Harris has no idea he's a married man. Yes, he eloped with Francis Elkton on prom night—but they were told their marriage wasn't legal and parted ways. Now they're back in Dry Creek for a second chance at love.

Shepherds Abiding in Dry Creek

Did her son steal the shepherd from the church's nativity set? Struggling widow Marla Gossett knows deputy sheriff Les Wilkerson thinks so. But why will tug at their heartstrings. And give everyone a lesson in the meaning of Christmas dreams come true.



Mail Order Holiday BridesMail-Order Holiday Brides
Featuring "Snowflakes in Dry Creek"

Harlequin Love Inspired Historical
ISBN: 0373829434
October 2012

"Maybe you could marry her." Gabe Stone's niece and nephew long for a mother just like the mail-order bride Gabe's brother sent for and then abandoned. Yet in making the children's Christmas dreams come true, Gabe and Annabelle may discover the most precious gift of the holidays is love.





Second Chance in Dry CreekSecond Chance in Dry Creek
Harlequin Love Inspired
ISBN: 0373877692
September 2012

Her neighbors in Dry Creek, Montana, think Gracie Stone is rebuilding her life just fine on the family ranch. But Calen Gray knows better. Foreman of nearby Elkton Ranch, Calen has been sweet on Gracie half their lives. But harrowing circumstances kept them apart—and sent Gracie away. Now she's back, barely holding her head up, and refusing to believe she has a second chance at happiness. With faith, love and the gentle airing of long-held secrets, Calen just might find a way to bring back her smile—forever.




Wildflower Bride in Dry CreekWildflower Bride in Dry Creek
Steeple Hill Love Inspired
ISBN: 0373877536
June 2012

 Tyler Stone returns to his hometown of Dry Creek, Mont., to find that Angelina Brighton has planned a memorial service for him. His family and friends were misinformed about his war injuries and believed him dead. He receives a hero’s welcome, despite the fact that his family was ostracized when he was a child. Tyler has never felt that he’s good enough for Angelina, but can she change his mind? Tronstad continues the Return to Dry Creek series in fine form. (Review from Romantic Times magazine).




Lilac Wedding in Dry CreekLilac Wedding in Dry Creek
Steeple Hill Love Inspired
February 2012

Jake Stone is returning home for his brother’s wedding. He is surprised at the arrival of Cat Barker, his childhood friend. She stuns him by telling him that she would like him to have custody of their child, which he never knew he had, if her health continues to deteriorate. Tronstad’s story is riveting and well-paced, and will stick with readers long after the last page is turned. (Review from Romantic Times magazine).




Sleigh Bells for Dry CreekSleigh Bells for Dry Creek
Steeple Hill Love Inspired
ISBN: 037387703X
October 2011

Rodeo rider Wade Stone never thought he'd step foot in Dry Creek, Montana, again. Not with his family's harrowing past.

But nine years later, he's back on the Stone ranch and getting stared down by the townspeople. Except by Amy Mitchell, whose heart he broke after one sweet kiss. Wade knows she's afraid he'll leave again, but surely there's no second chance for them.

It seems the whole town-and her family-is against them. Until one beautiful Christmas sleigh teaches everyone the true meaning of the holiday.



Classic holiday talesSmall-Town Moms
Steeple Hill Love Inspired
ISBN: 0373876610
April 2011

Romantic Times magazine awarded SMALL-TOWN MOMS four stars and said the following: In “A Dry Creek Family” by Janet Tronstad, Maegan Shay comes to Dry Creek to meet the niece she’s just discovered. But Clint Parker, who cares for his niece while his brother is on the rodeo circuit, is reluctant to let that happen. Maegan’s sister, Olivia Dancer, travels to Mule Hollow to meet their 4-year-old nephew and Lilly’s half-brother. Gabe McKennon doesn’t want her here, even if his mother invited her, because he has a secret he fears could cost him his son in “A Mother for Mule Hollow” by Debra Clopton. These interconnected stories are a delight to read, and bring home the importance of family, whether related by blood or only by love.
Reviewed By: Susan Mobley



Classic holiday talesClassic Yuletide Tales from Dry Creek
Steeple Hill Love Inspired Classics
ISBN: 0373651422
December 2010

Sugar Plums for Dry Creek

Who could resist a five-year-old sugarplum fairy? Certainly not ballet teacher Lizette Baker—or Judd Bowman, little Amanda's guardian. But Judd's determination to make Amanda happy might require a certain ballet teacher under the Christmas tree!

At Home in Dry Creek

Single mother Barbara Strong hopes for a fresh start in Dry Creek. Little does she know her old life has followed her to town. Sheriff Carl Wall offers her his protection, but Barbara must decide if she'll accept the real gift—his love.



Doctor RightDoctor Right
Steeple Hill Love Inspired
ISBN: 0373876203
September 2010

Treasure Creek, Alaska, has only one pediatrician: the very handsome, very eligible Dr. Alex Haven. But the former big-city doc is counting the weeks till his contract with the tiny town is up. All so he can return to Los Angeles to start a clinic in his brother's honor. Nurse Maryann Jenner is determined to keep Alex in Alaska by finding him a bride and giving him a new reason to stay. But when a little boy's life—and Maryann's hope—is jeopardized, Alex may find his own reason to stay forever.



Wife Wanted in Dry CreekWife Wanted in Dry Creek
Steeple Hill Love Inspired
ISBN: 0373875967
May 2010

Thanks to his uncle posting a prayer request in the church bulletin, all of Dry Creek, Montana, thinks Conrad Nelson wants a wife. A busy mechanic, Conrad is doing just fine on his own. But then the very woman he described as the perfect wife drives into his life. Katrina Britton is in town only temporarily to care for her young nephews -- and the worry in her pretty green eyes has him keeping his distance. Until even Dry Creek's confirned bachelor realizes they're each other's answered prayers.



Silent Night in Dry CreekSilent Night in Dry Creek
Steeple Hill Love Inspired
ISBN: 0373875533
October 2009

For private investigator Wade Sutton, the town holds too many memories -- none of them fond -- of his childhood.  Yet he can't say no when the sheriff asks him to secretly watch over a woman who might be in danger.  "Helping' lovely Jasmine Hunter with the church's Christmas celebration does more for his bruised heart than he wants to admit.  As does being back on his family's farm.  But he can't stay in Dry Creek.  Unless...Jasmine gives him a reason to call it home again.



Small-Town BridesSmall-Town Brides
Steeple Hill Love Inspired
ISBN: 0373875312
June 2009

When her neighbor proposes a “practical” marriage, romantic Rene Mitchell throws the ring in his face. Fleeing Texas for Montana, Rene rides with trucker Clay Preston. Clay doesn’t believe in romance...until Rene changes his mind! Romantic Times magazine called this 2-in-1 book 'a delightful duo' and gave it a four-star rating.




Calico Christmas at Dry CreekA Dropped Stitches Wedding
Steeple Hill Love Inspired
ISBN: 0373875223
March 2009

My almost sister-in-law thought I, Lizabett McDonald, would be the first of the Sisterhood of the Dropped Stitches to marry? True, I've confided to my friends that I've had a crush on Rick Keifer since childhood. But will he ever see me as more than his best friend's kid sister? The Sisterhood wants to give me a beauty makeover to catch his eye. I've been preoccupied with a spiritual makeover, and with starting my own wedding-planning business—no time for romance. Yet with Rick as best man, maybe as I give Marilee her dream wedding, my own dreams will also come true! Romantic Times magazine rates this book as 'compelling' and calls it "a joyous conclusion to the Sisterhood of the Dropped Stitches series."



Calico Christmas at Dry CreekCalico Christmas at Dry Creek
Steeple Hill Love Inspired Historical
ISBN: 0373827997
November 2008

The Montana terriroty was supposed to be the land of dreams for Elizabeth O'Brian. But when influenze claims her husband and baby, Elizabeth doesn't know if she can go on. Then a stranger approaches her with a plea she can't ignore.

Jake Hargrove is desperate. His brother's death left him in charge of his two part-Sioux nieces -- one an infant. Jake knows the baby can't survive the harsh western winter without a wet nurse. A marriage of convenience with this grieving mother seems to be the only answer. Fighting for the acceptance of their charges gives Jake and Elizabeth new purpose. With the Christmas season approaching, dare they hope that they also could receive the gift of love?



A Dry Creek CourtshipSnowbound in Dry Creek
Steeple Hill Love Inspired
ISBN: 0373827997
October 2008

Snowbound in Dry Creek - Rodeo champion Zach "Lightning" Lucas grumpily agrees to a Christmas Eve deal: put on a Santa suit and deliver gifts to a widowed mother. That done, he can finally leave Dry Creek, Montana, in his dust. Well, except for the small stowaway in his truck: Jenny Collins's grief-stricken little daughter. Like Zach, the girl doesn't believe in much of anything anymore. He brings her home just in time for a blizzard to strand him in lovely Jenny's barn. Where he unexpectedly helps a family—and himself—find the meaning of Christmas. Romantic Times calls this an emotionally vibrant and totally satisfying read.  RT also gave it a Top Pick. 



A Dry Creek CourtshipA Dry Creek Courtship
Steeple Hill Love Inspired
ISBN: 0373874952
September 2008

A Dry Creek Courtship - Charley Nelson wants a change. He wants more than just breakfast and banter with longtime friend Edith Hargrove. Charley wants, well… he wants romance. Somehow, Mrs. Hargrove has gotten under his skin and into his heart. But the no-nonsense widow misunderstands when he confesses he'd like to settle down. How can he convince a woman set in her ways that change is good—especially if it means a future with him?  Romantic Times gave this book a Top Pick.



A Heart for the Dropped Stitch
Steeple Hill Love Inspired
ISBN: 0373874871
July 2008

I've met Mr. Could-Be-Right-If-I-Understood-Him. What do I, future lawyer Becca Snyder, have in common with Mark Russo? The man gave up big bucks and the finer things in life to run a shelter for homeless teens. Thing is, I can't stop thinking about Mark and those needy kids.

How much a smile means to them. And how meaningless my own plans suddenly seem. My friends in the Sisterhood of the Dropped Stitches are thrilled with the new and more giving me. But will Mark see that I've changed for the better and open his heart to me?




Dry Creek Sweethearts
Steeple Hill Love Inspired
ISBN: 0373874758
April 2008

Linda Morgan, owner of the local cafe, had thought her ex-boyfriend had become too famous for the small-town life she loved.  But something had pulled Duane back.  Maybe he missed a slower, easier life.  Maybe he sought to regain his faith. Or maybe it was the girl he'd left behind.







A Dropped Stitches Christmas
Steeple Hill Love Inspired
ISBN: 0373874596
December 2007

A joyous yarn-filled Yuletide for the Sisterhood of the Dropped Stitches, until one of their beloved members reveals a dark secret.  Together, can they help her overcome her past and open her heart to love?





Shepherd’s Abiding in Dry Creek
Steeple Hill Love Inspired
ISBN: 037387457
November 2007

A Home for the holidays.  That’s what Marla Gossett sought when she moved to Dry Creek, Montana.  She wanted a safe haven to raise her kids, far from the troubles of the past.  Then an unusual theft cast suspicion on her family…and brought Deputy Sheriff Les Wilkerson into the struggling widow’s life.




A Rich Man For Dry Creek And A Hero For Dry Creek
Steeple Hill Classics
ISBN: 90780373-6529103
August 2007

A Rich Man for Dry Creek
All Robert Buckwalter wanted was a woman who'd love him for himself, not his money. Maybe a little town in Montana was just the place to find her—and maybe feisty Jenny Black was just the woman to show him what true wealth really was…

A Hero for Dry Creek
Garrett Hamilton didn't see himself a hero—or even a man worthy of a good woman's love. But Nicki Redfern, the lovely rancher he'd been sent to protect, was making him wonder if he'd somehow found everything he wasn't even looking for…



Going to the Chapel
Steeple Hill Cafe
ISBN: 0373785798
June 2007

Her rich, spoiled, about-to-be-married cousin always loved making Julie White feel inferior. So to impress Cousin Elaine, Julie lets her think she's landed her dream job—as a wedding planner.

But when Elaine's real wedding planner runs off with all her money, she begs Julie to save her big day, forcing her to organize a huge, splashy wedding at the chapel where she actually works. Hopefully, the bride, the groom and two hundred assorted guests somehow won't notice that it's really a funeral chapel….



A Match Made In Dry Creek
Steeple Hill Love Inspired
ISBN: 0373813058
April 2007

Twenty-five years ago, a fender bender tore high school sweethearts Doris June Hargrove and Curt Nelson from each other's arms on the night they were planning to elope. And they hadn't spoken since. Now their widowed parents want to rematch the pair—but how?

Doris June agreed to return home and help her mother put together Mother's Day baskets of pansies for the women of Dry Creek. However, she didn't agree to see or talk to Curt. It would take much more than some pansies for her to open her heart to Curt again. But never underestimate the power of a matchmaking mother.




The Sisterhood Of The Dropped Stitches
Steeple Hill Love Inspired
ISBN: 0373874200
February 2007

"My three friends and I met as teens living with cancer and started The Sisterhood of the Dropped Stitches knitting group. Five cancer-free years later, we were still meeting weekly. To celebrate, we each set a goal for the year. Lizabett dreamed of being a dancer, Becca needed an internship, Carly wanted her first pet and I, Marilee Davidson, challenged myself to go on three dates. That was easier said than done."



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